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  1. Regie

    Multiple entries for the same verse problem when trying to use Forge

    My present work on Spurgeon's Expository Notes would have gone much faster and smoother, but the same verse being used over and over and over again caused all kinds of headaches and I had to give up on that idea. However, does anyone know of a way to work around that problem using Forge...
  2. Regie

    Style and Formatting Cleaner?

    Is there a place in SwordSearcher help where I can find explanations for all the choices there, such as "keep non-breaking spaces" since I do not know what a non-breaking space is. Also, "keep block quotes (indentations)" and "keep list formatting" and "keep horizontal lines (HR)"? It's high...
  3. Regie

    Forge question

    In my present work on Spurgeons Expository Notes, when I have exported a module and bring it up into MS Word, I am running across things with a question mark inside a box, such as this: even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.� It has to do with things like a -- or a " or things of...
  4. Regie

    Mouse highlighting problem

    I have closed and reloaded SwordSearcher, done a reboot and that did not work, did a hard reboot and that did not work - my mouse will highlight until I am in edit mode and zap, does not work. If I have made sense in the above, does anyone have any idea what may have gone wrong? Thanks, Regie
  5. Regie

    Shortcut for copying from one module to another

    Is there a shortcut to copy an entry in one module to the same entry in a different module. For example, I made a commentary entry in one module that should have been in a different one. How can I then move it to another module and remove it from the one I posted to in error and delete the...
  6. Regie

    This user module is not presently editable?

    I have done a lot of editing in this module all day and in days past. Suddenly it is giving me this message when I try to edit it. Does anyone have any idea what may have happened? My version is
  7. Regie

    Links to internet while in design mode?

    Is there a way to link to the internet without having to go into code mode and entering code? Thanks, Regie
  8. Regie

    Duplicate entries

    Is there an easy way to eliminate duplicate entries in SwordSearcher? I have tried using Forge but find that not easy at all. Right now I made a copy of the module and am working on rebuilding the module. Since I have never done that before, I am not sure just what to expect - so the reason I...
  9. Regie

    Korean Pentecost?????

    Does anyone know if this book, The Korean Pentecost by Willian N. Blair and Bruce F. Hunt is in copyright or not?
  10. Regie

    Vine's Expository Dictionary...

    Is this work out of copyright? If so, has anyone done it for SwordSearcher and can share it? I've not found it here anywhere. Thanks, Regie p.s. I did find a copy of it on the internet.
  11. Regie

    Remove Formatting

    I have been working on a project, copying and pasting from a domument. On the very last chapter of Acts, I could not get it to format correctly, no matter what document program I brought it into - Open Office, MS Word or Wordpad (I think). It would format such that the first 5 or 6 letters...
  12. Regie

    Odd problem

    In case any of you ever have this weird problem: Well, I sure had a strange computer problem tonight. I laid something on my keyboard and when I tried to get back on my computer, suddenly everything on the screen was upside down. Everything I tried to find concerning the problem I had to read...
  13. Regie

    Repititious editing?

    Is there not a macro that I can create for repeating the same thing over and over & over - a macro? It seems I have done such before, but I do not remember how I did it. Than ks, Regie
  14. Regie

    Visible tabs?

    My Swordsearcher has lost the ability to change the visible tabs. My latest module can be found by going to the Book/Select Book and will bring it up. However the tab does not appear. I can try to make all tabs show up by selecting all, but it changes nothing. In case I have made any sense...
  15. Regie

    Removing superscript footnotes when using Forge

    I have a work in progress which has a lot of footnotes (superscripted) (such as 108216 except super instead of subscript). When i try to use Forge it will all be showing as 108216 (not what I want). Is there a way to set Forge to tell it to put it properly? I thought saving as UTF8 would take...
  16. Regie

    Moulton and Milligan and Thayers Lexicons

    Since a person can find either of these in PDF on the internet, it seems it would be natural to assume that they are in the public domain. If so, I would think that it would not matter where a person gets their material for putting it into SwordSearcher - wrong? I think Thayers is ok to share...
  17. Regie

    United module-sharing on the internet

    Dear all, It is easy to export user-created modules from SwordSearcher into HTML and then into Microsoft Word. Since some other bible software programs have things that we might want to put into SwordSearcher, do you think we could likely get co-operation among users of some or all these...
  18. Regie

    Pop-up footnotes in user created modules?

    Lately my preference has been to put footnotes immediately after the paragraph which refers to it. However, in working I find that many things I find in other software programs have footnotes that pop-up when you mouse over them. At the present time I am working on creating a module that has...
  19. Regie

    Module Load Error Log

    Well, I had problems I did not even know I had - modules that I have that do not even load. In case anyone has time and can help me with the following errors (suggestions as to what to do, etc.) I would appreciate it. I do not understand the error messages. The below errors may not be...
  20. Regie

    Module Sets & Visible Tabs?

    Through the years I have created so many modules that I have so many tabs that they are about the only thing that shows up when I attempt to go to any certain module as that module may be covering up the module I may be looking for. So, I started experimenting with something new this morning -...