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    Some suggested commentaries to add

    Maybe consider adding of these commentaries to Sword Searcher. I think they are copyright free
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    Esther Chapter 10?

    I was copying the Bible today and was on the book of Esther. I was kind of surprised to see that it was 10 chapters because I thought it was less. Well when I got to chapter 10, I copied and pasted the text. At first I thought it didn't copy and checked the program where I copied the text...
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    Spell check: --->>> Counsellor

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    Having error with loading Bible Verses into Sword editor

    Hello Everyone. Hope you are doing well. I started off well loading verses into the Sword user editor. But when I got to Exodus that is when the trouble started. I loaded verses from Genesis and it worked well. Now moving onto Exodus it seems like the Sword program will have an error...
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    Ten Ideas

    First, I want to say thanks for making the program. It's is very helpful. Here are my ideas. Some might already be part of the program. 1. Bible Audio With Text Video. Included Microsoft Fonts. Example. Large Scrolling Text while the verses are being read out loud. 2. Android and...