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    Please explain cloning windows

    Please explain new ways to clone
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    Module Request

    Henry Mahan Pictures of Christ in the old testament. Anything else of his works. He uses many scripture references Just a suggestion those who modules Thanks!.
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    Module request

    Request for "Great texts of the bible" by Hastings. I saw this in other bibles thought this would be nice in Swordsearcher.
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    new module request

    Love the new AW PINK Love to see some one do ANDREW MURRAY
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    Good free online font for Swordsearcher " Source Sans Pro. Really looks good.
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    Possible Dictionary

    Is it possible to have ? Mounce Concise Greek-English Dictionary of the New Testament
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    User-submitted Topical Scripture Highlights

    jfw submitted a new module: Topical Scripture Highlights - Many topical scriptures Read more about this module...
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    Copy and Paste

    Could there be a way to copy and paste user highlighted scriptures?
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    Read scripture

    Some times it would be nice to read scripture without chapter and verse. Just wondering if that could be possible? Then a program could read straight scripture to you to meditate.
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    copy question

    when you put mouse on a verse you get verses on either side would like to see a way to copy these verses
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    Copy Paste

    Copy and Paste bible scripture with highlight. Just wondered if this could be done.
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    Is there a way to have the old and new in red letter? The words of God I mean. Thanks.
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    NEW (KJC)

    I would like to see the KJC King James Concordance please
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    Is it possible to get "DICTIONARY OF BIBLE THEMES" BY Manser?