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  1. jj58

    Parsing and grammar tools

    I don't think we are talking about "correcting" the KJV. Rather we are looking at gaining insights into the nature of the action that is available in the TMV information. Robertson an Vincent are helpful, but may not always cover a particular word, phrase of verse that is of interest to the...
  2. jj58

    Parsing and grammar tools

    Yes, I have to bounce around to do word studies, well. There are Interlinear Bibles with links to Strong's, as well as Tense, Mood, Voice information, in e-Sword, and others (public domain). I have no idea how to transform an e-Sword module to SwordSearcher, but it would be a blessing to MANY...
  3. jj58

    Verb Tenses

    Is there a module or facility to see tense, mood and voice of verbs, like an interlinear?
  4. jj58


    I enjoy word studies and use the information in lessons and messages. Is there a TVM module in the works??
  5. jj58

    Informal poll: Three reasons you use SwordSearcher

    1. I like the applicable commentary and reference links popping up instantly right beside the text. 2. Ease of use, navigation and customization 3. Support, quick and clear.