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    Print Notes & Bible Text Together

    My vision for notes would be similar to the way Microsoft Word handles change tracking. Bubbles in the right margin that are "attached" to verses or words within verses, that expand and contract dynamically to best use the space. They would also have formatting tools (like highlight, underline...
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    Print Notes & Bible Text Together

    I would really like the ability to print a chapter of the Bible with all my personal notes on that chapter in the margin. I use your software extensively but I can't join the text and my notes in one view. Is this something you would consider developing? I can provide requirements or help with...
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    Mobile SwordSearcher?

    I am an IOS user, so Android isn't that important to me. One thing I really really need is a mobile Bible app that keeps my notes in sync with the desktop application. I use your software on my desktop, but I use Olive Tree Bible Study on my mobile devices. My notes are scattered between...
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    Audio Bible Support in SwordSearcher

    Hi, can you provide some examples of "recognizable book and chapter references in file names"? I have several audio Bibles on my PC but when I use the Link Audio Files tool I get this error each time: No chapter audio files found One in particular uses this format: 01001gen 01002gen...