1. P

    How do you uninstall / remove a book, commentary, and dictionary?

    Hello, There might be a simple answer to this, but I have not been able to locate a solution in the user guide or in the forums. Can anyone tell me how to uninstall/remove a book, commentary, and dictionary from SwordSearcher 8.2? I'm assuming the method is the same for each of these, but I...
  2. J

    Creating Bible Module with Forge

    Does anyone have a "blank .txt template" from Genesis - Revelation in the 'following format' that can be used to make Bible Modules using Forge. $$ Mt 3:1 $$ Mt 3:2 $$ Mt 3:3 $$ Mt 3:4 $$ Mt 3:5 $$ Mt 3:6 $$ Mt 3:7 $$ Mt 3:8 $$ Mt 3:9 $$ Mt 3:10 $$ Mt 3:11 $$ Mt 3:12 $$ Mt 3:13 $$...
  3. KptnFmrs

    Editable Module From Previous SS Version Is Not Editable In New Version

    I created a couple of user modules a few years ago and they have worked fine through an SS upgrade or two. Recently, my Surface Pro 3 became an usable. I have SS on several computers and my modules were available to add to the SS modules when I replaced the computer. I bought a whole new...