2022 . . . ?

Johnny NL

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In the "uncertainty" of 2022, with what's on the go with all those "Last Days" verses from OUR KJV, I still wanna take time to wish all the Blessings from the Lord, to ALLLL SS9 members, here in the blog, but also to the full extend of all your family members. I wanna Specially Praise the LORD Jesus Christ, by giving Thanks to HIM Alone, for the GREAT Blessings of having Mr. Staggs as "MY" personal 2 Timothy 2:15's teacher.;) When you say - " OK, I got saved, Amen! NOW what?", Well . . . . SwordSearcher 9: IS THE NOW WHAT ! NO Scripture understanding would have been "this" possible, for me, and also for many others, if ye allow me to say. I am Blessed by SwordSearcher, that MADE me understand the Full meaning of: 2 Timothy 2:15, STUDY !
If the Rapture shall come today, Amen, if not, Amen also! Even though 2022 will be rough, we must "occupy" Lu19:13. till HE comes.
In the "waiting" of
HIS appearing, Jesus Christ, . . . or a "new" SS9-10 update, (whichever comes first. . . Loll 😁"hint")
-BE Blessed, GREATLY Sir. YOU and your WHOLE family.
Amen Lord.


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Indeed, God blessings on all for 2022 as we continue to "look up" the return of our Lord draweth nigh...

Bob A.

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Amen, and wishing you all a Happy New Year. I am ready to head home but will occupy in the meantime. Let's keep each other in prayer for the new challenges heading our way.