A Common Goal (purchasing SS for others)

old tom

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Hi everyone.

I'm feeling extremely blessed although things have been a little rocky for us lately-health issues etc. Without God's peace in our hearts it would have been way more difficult. Times like these remind me of how we all have our struggles in life but our Lord sees us through despite any divine 'detours'! I'm compelled to give more of myself to others far more in need than myself.

With that, allow me to share with everyone here something that brings my wife and I great joy. God has placed another preacher in our path who is interested in digging further into Bible study and especially this program. He and his wife have 2 young'uns and they struggle to make ends meet at times. So my wife and I hope to purchase the SS kit for him to use very soon. We're wanting to help someone else in their ministry.

My idea here is to simply encourage other Christian SS users to maybe seek God's guidance for at least ONE person that they can obtain this program for to give to them as a gift of Christian charity! 💽🙂


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I agree with you wholeheartedly!!! I too have purchased SS for a missionary and an adult Sunday School teacher over the years to help them in their ministry to study the Word of God. 👍☺