A Mother's Prayer


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I know a lot of us have loved ones who need salvation. Please pray for my children. Thanks! I came across this prayer in some papers I'm sorting and it says just what is in my heart for my kids:

A Mother's Prayer
by Phyllis Didriksen

I do not ask riches for my children,
Nor even recognition for their skill;
I only ask that Thou wilt give them
A heart completely yielded to Thy will.

I do not ask for wisdom for my children
Beyond discernment of Thy grace;
I only ask that Thou wilt use them
In Thine own appointed place.

I do not ask for favor for my children
To seat them on Thy left hand or Thy right;
But may they join the throng in heaven
That sings before Thy throne so bright.

I do not seek perfection in my children,
For then my own faults I would hide;
I only ask that we might walk together
And serve our Savior side by side.


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Amen Amen
For my dear little ones as well