Audio Bible Support in SwordSearcher (Updated April 2015)

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Support for integration of an audio Bible into the SwordSearcher Bible panel is a feature in version 6.1 and later.

This post reflects information current as of April 2015. The recommended audio Bible has changed because the previous publisher no longer offers their product. But if you already have the previously recommended MP3 Bible from AMG, you can still use it. This information is for users who have not yet obtained an audio Bible for use with SwordSearcher.

With Bible audio support, you can play narrations of the Bible with familiar audio controls in the Bible panel.

SwordSearcher does not include an audio Bible, but instead, supports "linking" MP3 Bible file sets available from various sources. To enable Bible audio in SwordSearcher, you must obtain the audio files and link them in SwordSearcher with the easy-to-use Configure Bible Audio window.

Recommended Audio Bible for use with SwordSearcher:

For the best experience, we highly recommend The Scourby Audio Bible: King James Version from Hendrickson Publishers. Once you copy the files from the Hendrickson DVD to your hard drive, you can add them to SwordSearcher by selecting Configure Bible Audio on the File menu. Using this audio Bible allows you to play individual verses from the Bible, as well as play complete chapters.

Scourby Audio Bible: King James Version.
Read by Alexander Scourby™.MP3 files on DVD-ROM.

Published by Hendrickson Publishers.*
ISBN-10: 1598563599
ISBN-13: 978-1598563597

Available from and other retailers. (Be sure to use the ISBN identification numbers above to get the correct MP3 Bible. See the publisher's website for alternative retailers.)

*Support for this audio Bible was added in SwordSearcher version 7.2.

Why use this specific audio Bible?

SwordSearcher supports verse-level synchronized playback of the Hendrickson KJV MP3 Bible audio files. This means that you can have the Bible panel highlight and scroll individual verses as the narration plays, and you can play verse lists aloud from a Bible search. To achieve the optimal level of integration with SwordSearcher, this audio Bible is recommended.

What will I need to do?

Once you purchase the MP3 set, you need to copy all of the files from the MP3 DVD to your computer. Using Windows Explorer, create a folder on your hard drive and give it a name like "Scourby MP3s" and copy all of the contents from the DVD-ROM to this folder. Then use the Configure Bible Audio function on the File menu to add the audio to SwordSearcher.

Note that the Hendrickson Scourby KJV MP3 Audio Bible includes both a DVD-ROM and a collection of CD-ROMs. It is only necessary to copy the files from the DVD-ROM to your computer. You do not need to do both.

For more information, please see the help file topic on audio Bible support.
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