Auto expand Verse Guide


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I like to set up swordsearcher with a split window Bible on the left everything else on the right. Then running in paragraph mode for the Bible so it turns everything off; widgets and everything, Bible margins, and so on...

I like to reference the verse guide on certain versus, and it would be awesome if you could set a preference in the Verse Guide, to always expand certain resources.

So for example; sorting the guide by book ... Naves, Thompson Chain, Torry's Topical & so on... Could be selected to automatically expand in the panel (after you click the verse reference). Or maybe an option to have the Verse Guide only include resources and mirror what is selected in Module Sets? A sort of Uber minimal Bible panel layout can be available with all the SwordSearcher power still ready.

Of course I love the way you look at and discover new things with the margin links and widgets and bold verse refs now, but every once in a while I try to challenge my memory and use a little less help.

Brandon Staggs

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Adding module set filter support to the Verse Guide is on the to-do list.

Presenting an option to automatically expand only certain modules in the list might be difficult from a UI perspective, but a middle-ground might be to combine the ability to filter the Verse Guide along with automatically expanding the complete list.

Thanks for your feedback.