Johnny NL

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Just experienced a new thing here.
When I do a search, it comes up on a panel in SS page, I usually click on the "thumb pin" to auto-hide it, so it goes on the right hand side, with a tab that says what it is. So if I have 3,4,5 of them I know which one to click and it "slides" left into my screen and i can see it. this is great, BUT since few times, TABS are there, but there is nothing written in it.... !?!?!?! I wonder why, I did re-start my machine few times, but nothing. The tabs still work the way they are supposed to, but nothing written in it.!:oops:o_O

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
Hi Johnny,

Unfortunatly, this bug surfaced with Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update. Once that update is installed, the text on the "auto hidden" tabs will not always be painted properly. Thankfully, this only affects those specific tabs (the auto-hide ones) and none of the others in the program.

This problem will be fixed in the next release.

Johnny NL

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WOW !!!
That was fast response, ... Thank You Sir, I 'll be waiting on the next release then.
Yeah, it is a bit annoying, for i have to check them all when i get back to it.
I just thought to mention it, to see.
NOW I know, thanks again Sir.