Autopsy findings on my brother


Beta Tester
My brother, Ross, 54, quite literally dropped dead on June 2 of this year.

Sparing you many of the details, I requested an autopsy done to be sure of the cause, in large part so my doctor could interpret it for me, with obvious application to my own health.

My father died of a disease, and I have very sketchy details of that because he deserted our family when I was 7. So I never had the opportunity to learn about him further, but I may have that chance soon. [Again, I'll skip the details.]

My mom died [basically] of complications from a stroke, but the way I found out she was dead was when the doctor from the nursing home she was in called and asked if he could perform an autopsy! So, I said no only because I wanted to at least say my goodbyes first. In the ensuing period of grief, I neglected to request it be done.

So my brother's autopsy results are important to me for a few good reasons, including to obtain some measure of closure on his very unexpected, shocking death.

I have several serious medical conditions in my history which we shared, and so when the autopsy did NOT indicated any of the things I was fully anticipating to be the cause, this heightened my concern.

I was told toxocology work might take 2 months. At that point I contacted the ME's office, but they indicated they were still waiting.

Same thing at 3 months.

I will probably call again this week, but it's a bit disheartening to think I'm going to be told the same thing.

So I would appreciate your prayers that I obtain an answer soon.


Brandon Staggs

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So I would appreciate your prayers that I obtain an answer soon.
Of course. Praying for the speed and wisdom of the doctor...

Rebekah Staggs

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I'm so sorry for your loss.
Adding my prayers.

My brother passed away at 42 just two years ago. He lived in Italy an autopsy was not done. They ruled it "natural causes"... All of we siblings would like to know what happened and if there is something about us we should watch for.

So I understand the wanting to know....Moreso for you as there are on going issues you are dealing with.

I pray you can find answers.


Beta Tester
The ME finally made a determination. The delay was caused by some abnormal (natural) chemical levels, and some abnormal brain samples, all of which they wanted to be sure to elminate as contributing causes of death.

So for now at least part of my life can be put to rest.

Thanks for your prayers.