Becoming a Freemasonary as a Christian.


I have been a Christian for about ten years. I have recently got interested in Freemasonry and would like to explore the subject much further, perhaps evening applying to join sometime in the future. I heard good and bad things about the Society and would like to find out about being a Christian and a Freemason. Anyone out there know about this.


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Christian have interesting discussion . . .

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Here is a great sermon by Dr. H.T. Spence on the topic, just click on the title it should take you to the download for the sermon. Please give it a listen.
The Christian and Secret Societies
That "COULDN'T" be more clearer !!!
Amen Lord for the BIBLE, The True WORD of GOD !
Thanks Ruthlyn, it was known of me, but not in such details.
What a great teaching.

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seducing spirits...?!!???.... lollll
1 Timothy 4:1-2
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