Bible Quiz Maker for SwordSearcher??


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Was just thinking that it would be nice to have a SS feature that lets you create Bible Quizzes such as T/F, Fill-in-the blank and/or Muliple Choice. Dont know if this has already been brought up, but was thinking of a feature that let you generate and/or print out A quiz from a chapter in a book or commentary. Just wondering.....

Thought that it be used to create a short test to insert into a chapter in a book, or maybe to generate something similar that could be used in a bible training situation, or as an add on item for a bible correspondence course. Sorry, had too much coffee. Must be the excess of caffeine......

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I think that's a neat idea, but probably out of the scope of the software's intention. Surely there are some apps out there for teachers that do that, aren't there?


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Maybe so. But most programs out there are either a royal pain to use or are royally expensive. Besides, how many of them can actually read a chapter in a SwordSearcher book and generate bible questions? NONE. Perhaps I should have thought of even high-ligjting text in a section that you want to make a question from. Click on it and SwordSearcher does the rest! That would simplify matters so you wouldn't have to leave SwordSearcher to do that. Besides, most software companies that sell quiz programs are not faith-based organizations. I would rather pay a little more for SwordSearcher and do it from SwordSearcher. It would make sense to do it that way.

And I didn't even think at first of the idea of having SwordSearcher being able to assist the SS user and make it easier to generate and/or construct questions from a particular chapter in the Bible. Or, maybe a range of verses would be better idea.

I have a public domain work by E.M. Zerr that is nothing but a collection of questions on each chapter. It features over 16,000 bible study questions on every chapter in the New Testament. That is what made me come up with the idea in the first place. In this book, some New Testament chapters have as many as 70 questions or more. A few of the questions are True/False. Most are not. I may just take this book and create a SS book including all of the questions. I wouldn't protect it so users could add to or edit any questions at any time. Just a thought. Besides, Zerr's book of New Testament questions is King James friendly. Perhaps using them to create a chapter by chapter "Commentary" of questions would be start.

But back to my original idea. I would expect it to be a part of a "MAJOR UPDATE" of SwordSearcher. Of course, being a former school teacher and a current bible teacher, it's all probably just "wishful thinking" on my part. I'll just blame it on all the coffee I drink. Unless, of course, someone actually likes the idea. Now, it is past 5:00am here in the midwest, and it's time for coffee. May you all have a "blessed day".....


NOTE: See my next reply for Links to all questions found in Zerr's book
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Dear SS USers.....
Concerning what I was just writing about.... I mentioned in a reply this morning
about creating questions for SwordSearcher. Well, I mentioned the book of 16,000
Bible Study Questions for the New Testament by E.M. Zerr. A helpful tool for teachers.
Below, you will find the Links for the various books of the New Testament. These
files are in .PDF Format. Some chapters in some of the NT books contain as many as
70 questions. Here is the public domain book which I have divided into the various NT
books for your consideration.....

16,000 New Testament Questions by E.M. Zerr
Click Here To View Zerr's Old Testament Questions
Note: Hope to convert these to .docx if anyone is interested
These are available on in a .cmtx format for e-Sword
A sample for Matthew 1 & 2 for SwordSearcher is attached to this post.

  1. Mark
  2. Luke
  3. John
  4. Acts
  5. Jude
Here is a list of the Questions from Zerr's book for Matthew Chapter One:
These were copied direclty from the e-sword commentary version...
They have not been checked for spelling or grammar errors...Any errors
I blame on the original publisher and/or whoever made the original PDF Files.

Questions For Matthew 1 by E.M. Zerr
Matthew 1
1. Name the two principal subjects of chapter one.
2. What book is mentioned?
3. Whose son is Jesus Christ?
4. How the son of these two?
5. Who are the "brethren" of verse two?
6. Whose wife had Thamor been?
7. Give the Old Testament form of Booz.
8. And of Rachab.
9. Where may we read of Ruth prior to this?
10. Who was the son of Jesse?
11. What was his official position?
12. State the son of David.
13. Who was his mother?
14. Tell who was Solomon's son.
15. Give the O. T. form.
16. Who was Ezekias?
17. Also Josias?
18. At what time was his son born?
19. Who was the son of Jacob?
20. He was husband of whom?
21. Of her was born whom?
22. How many generation from Abraham to Christ?
23. Which are counted twice?
24. How many were kings of Judah?
25. In what sense was Joseph husband of Mary?
26. Of whom was Mary with child?
27. What kind of man was Joseph?
28. He was not willing to do what?
29. What did he propose to do?
30. To what law was he aiming to conform?
31. Tell what he thought of the situation.
32. While thinking, who spoke to him?
33. In what manner did he appear?
34. Whose son did he call Joseph?
35. Harmonize this with 16th verse.
36. What was Joseph told to do?
37. State the explanation he was given.
38. Tell what prediction was given him.
39. And what orders he was given.
40. Why was such name to be given?
41. All this was done for what end?
42. What prophet is quoted?
43. State the unusual thing predicted.
44. Give the meaning of Emmanuel.
45. Tell what Joseph then did.
46 Did they at this time live as husband and wife?
47. For how long did this attitude continue?
48. When the child was born who named him?
49. Why him instead of Mary?
50. What indicates she would have other children?



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I came across a similar site last year, lost the link, but it might be useful to make your own word searches and crossword puzzles

There are other probably better sites out there along these lines


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Be nice if you could bring that up in a window in Sword Searcher..I have already created a module that has a word search puzzle for every chapter in the New Testament. Currently, I am working on a module that has 50 to 100 questions on every chapter. Will be finished with Matt thru Acts soon on that one. Maybe combining the two would be a helpful resource. Hadnt thought of crossword puzzles. Thanks for that link. Maybe throwing a few crossword puzzles in to the mix wouldnt hurt. I plan on adding many more harder Adult questions to the eazy onez I am working on now. Thanks again and have a blessed day.....

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I'm not that technically inclined. I was fortunate after three tries to get the JV McGee modules working. lol


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I understand Chuck. I am in the same boat myself at times. BTW, if you have any small PDF files converted to Word or zsword searcher format let
me know.



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Your comments gave me an insane idea. Blame it on all the coffee I drink. What about a commentary where each chapter features the following....
1. Questions for all ages
2. Questions for adults
3. Wordsearch puzzles
4. Crossword Puzzles
5. And whatever comes to mind, as long as it is biblical and pertains to the chapter.

Just thought it would be nice to have a resource that contained all this for any chapter. So, regardless of what chapter you were studying you would have material at hand to assist in your studies. Or it would be a great repository of such items you could add to a church bulletin, or even use in a handout for a Sunday School class. Anytime you had a teacher that needed a teaching aid for a particular chapter, go to the chapter being studied, and there are all the questions, puzzles, etc....they need at their disposal....

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Yes. A lot of time, but I already have the WordSearch Puzzles done.
Am about done with the Zerr questions for Matthew thru Acts.
Lot of the work is done. Just a matter of copying and pasting the info
into one new module ...

Should they be in Books and Dictionaries?
These show up in commentaries, Matthew 1:1 and Matthew 2:1.
Is this correct?
Word Search puzzles show all book as one long page, so not sure about format, I use Office 365.


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Are you talking about the WordSearch Puzzles?
If so, they are a single Book Module.
The Table of Contents is basically a Table I Created
in Microsoft Word listing all 66 books of the Bible.
Keep in mind, however, as listed on the webpage
containing the download link, the WordSearch
Puzzle module has 1 or more puzzles on every
New Testament Chapter. For the Old Testament
Books there is 1 or more for each book (not chapter).

If you are inquiring about the NewTestament Questions,
Below is what is contained on the webpage containing
the questions. As I recall, there is a subdirectory with
about 1,000 graphics files. Everything in the ZIP file
must be 'unZIPped" to your SwordSearcher User Modules
subdirectory, including the subdirectory with the graphic
files. The graphic files must reside in the subdirectory
that is in the ZIP file. Here is the info below, from the webpage:


of Sunday-School Resources is provided in SwordSearcher Commentary​

Format and is released with all material stored in each chapter of the​

New Testament. Here is what this module contains below....​

[1] Currently contains two sets of Questions for every NT Chapter​

Contains over 16,000 New Testament Questions by E.M. Zerr​

Contains 65 to 200 Questions for Every Chapter in the New Testament​

More Questions are planned for each chapter in the next Update​

[2] Over 1,030 Activities and Sunday School Resources for the New Testament​

[3] Features "Drag and Drop" for above Resources. Point to a particular Quiz,​

Test, Puzzle, or Coloring Picture and drag to your Open Word Processor.​

Drop the Graphic into WORD and print for a nice Bible Study handout.​

[4] Contains over 1,000 Graphic Files in ".PNG" Format (i.e. "Drag and Drop")​


1. TAB NAME: "EMZQ-NT" This is also the name for the SS Module​

2. Also includes the subdirectory named "EMZQ-NT-Assets"

3. YOU MUST unZIP the ZIP File directly to your SS Modules subdirectory​

4. ZIP File Size: 171MB --- unZIPped File Size: 189MB​

David, I may not have completed some parts. Will have to go back and
look at that module. What's there, I know, was put there in anticipation
of a need for Sunday School activities and purposes.

If I haven't answered your question(s) etc....let me know.

I do know, however, that the module with the New Testament

Questions by Zerr has the Questions listed in the First Verse
of each chapter. For instance, the Questions for Romans
chapter Six will be found in the Commentary for Romans 6:1.

I just went back and checked the Zerr's Module and it works as inteded.
For example, there are no Graphics for the Verse Commentary on Mat 1:1,
but there are for Mat 2:1. Go to the Verse-by-Verse Commentary for
Mat 2:1 and scroll down. There you will see all the Graphic Images for
Matthew 2:1-12. There will be about 5 or 6 images that you can print out.
Simply click with you left-mouse button and drag and drop into your
Microsoft Word.


You will notice in the screen shot above that there are no images for Matthew 1 and Matthew 3. But there are
images for Matthew 2 and Matthew 4. What I will do is create a different Table of Contents Menu just for
the image files. That way, it will be much easier for a user, preacher, or Sunday School teacher to view and
print out those images. Also, you gave me an idea. What I need to do is insert a simple msg for the commentary
questions that also include these graphics. It will say something like, "Scroll Down For Printable Graphics"

Thanks for the message! After looking at the module a second time I now realize that the
information on the website might not be enough. A menu that will bring up the graphics and/or a
simple msg as I mention above. This will be the next thing on my list. Will really improve the module.

Note: There are well over 1,000 graphic images for the New Testament. They might be Word Search
Puzzles, Fill-in-the-Blank, etc.....
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Just sent you a message. Will send more to help clear things up.
Sometimes when you create a module, you might know exactly
how it works, etc... but unless you (ME especially) do something
to clear the muddy waters...... My fault if I didn't make thinks more
understandable on the webpage. But will also improve the
module and add links to the table of contents just for Sunday
School Activities that are include in the Verse/Chapter Comments.

You may click on this link to download a module which contiains
a menu for the ZERR Questions Module with Resources:

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