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SwordSearcher's "External" material.
-Of course I wanna talk about the "SwordSearcher's News Letter". I was Praying, and wondering; "what could I do more" for the Lord???
Welllllllll, guess what? The answer came pretty fast. BAM!!! Voilà!!! The SwordSearcher News Letter comes in this morning: "BIBLE READING SCHEDULES IN SWORDSEARCHER ARE EASY ". I did use it before, indeed. BUT it is GREAT to see that The LORD HIMSELF, is using S/S8 to keep "ME" on track. As the 2020 year will begin, so it shalt be with my fast and through the Bible in one year. Two things that is good to begin a New Year. (Commitments)
Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the "wiles" of the devil. Ephesians 6:11...
And of course, NOT forgetting the
SwordSearcher motto: And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: Ephesians 6:17
I think, (only me...), that 2020 will be rocking the boat a lot! We will be sailing a rough sea. Might as well dress-up and BE READY for it.
"Lets Fast, lets Pray,lets Be Ready for the Fight ! ! !"
I have been in Ephesians 6 for the past couple days. It seems to be the "2020 Chapter". STAND ! Be Ready !

(PS): Through that study, I spent a good lump of time on the word; "wiles". As a francophone first language, I often red over that word without paying attention. SO!!!...
I needed a good tool to help me, as a francophone first language, to assist me, teach me, explain to me, the F U L L, extend of the meaning of the word: "wiles", in
Guess where I found my answer...... yep !! - 873 matching entries, 12 cups of coffee, and a good chunk of notes later, ask me if I know the meaning of the word: "wiles" ???
Know your WARFARE.....! Know your enemy...!

"Ya'all Be Blessed, ye and your families. -STAND, with the RIGHT weapons, KJV1611 and SwordSearcher, .... ONLY.!!!
(The Black Book, and the Blue ToolBox.)
Happy New Year. May The LORD Come.
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Wonderful feature, yet another user friendly option, encouragement for the believer, and a selling point.

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February, 06th, 2020.... As I sit down every day to read my "scheduled" reading time, I realized since the beginning, HOW it is so relaxing and bringing peace onto me to do so. One extra thing also that I discovered; I let Alex, read it to me. (Alexander Scourby), and it feels like being "IN" a perpetual "The TEN COMMANDMENTS" movie. You guys should try it ! ! ! Last week when I went through Exodus 20, goose bumps were all over my body. When I listen to Alex, and follow on my SS8 screen, ...there is something happening that I cannot explain. Ye must try it to find out by yourself. -This was just a quick follow up, on "Reading Schedule". These both features of SwordSearcher are the TOP HIGH LIGHTS of my Bible Studies right now...! ! ! - I pray that ya'all may be experiencing these features. As for me, SwordSearcher became the NEXT BEST thing right after The WORD of GOD, KJV1611 ONLY, just right before the wheel, Period !
-PS: NO I am NOT sponsored by SwordSearcher to say this, BUT, I am sponsored by the Holy Ghost indeed.
Ya'all be Blessed NOW, in Jesus' Name.