Video Bible Word Cloud Generator

Brandon Staggs

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This video explains how to use the Bible Word Cloud Generator.

Can also be viewed here.

I've posed some additional thoughts in this blog entry.


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Thanks Brandon.


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Great lesson.

In the word cloud for search results (in this case the word, "justify") I usually remove the search word with ctrl-click to more easily see what is associated with the search word.


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It refused to play in firefox... but I was able to play it in another browser. Thanks for the info Brandon.


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Brandon, that was great! Thank you. I learned a lot. I have hardly used word clouds, but I think I will now. :) Great job!


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Another great video, Brandon! You present the subject of your videos so well that I can hardly wait to go try the feature out for myself! I agree with Eric - I'll be in the clouds more often now.