Broken Ankle


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Yes, I am just learning to walk, and I blindly stepped into a depression on the ground and over I went. My face is still red from the embarrassment of doing such a silly thing, but it is after all 4.5 ' from my heart and it's still beating.

But from this this miss hap could I ask for prayers that God's Glory comes to the surface in someone's heart, and that they may find salvation in Jesus Christ. So that together we can turn the attention away from me toward our Saviour.


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God grant you a speedy recovery!



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Oh, Gord! What an exciting prospect! I pray that Father God will use your mishap to His glory and that salvation abounds!

One time I was visiting in San Diego and ran into the post office to mail a letter - hurrying because the family was waiting on me - on my way out, I tripped on a pop-up sprinkler and did a 6-ft superman leap and planted my face on the sidewalk. Talk about embarrassment! Two teenage girls came over and helped me up - they were so sweet, then after they went on their way and got about ten feet away from me they totally cracked up! Well, what can you do? :oops:

I hope your break isn't too bad.


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Thank you for the prayers, after a week, I am able to walk (slowly) without the aid of crutches. The break was at the bottom of the fibula, which is not the load bearing bone, so ankle sore yes, torn ligaments are mending great, I'll be xray'd again in 3 weeks to see how the bone is healing.

The Glory must go to God.


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Hey Bro,

Sorry........just saw you took a tumble. Praying God's will that you are recovering and are climbing back on top. It's always a blessing to read or see someone glorifying God in trials. He's as much a God of the valleys as he is God of the mountain and then some.

How cool would it have been if Moses had removed his veil after coming off the top of the mountain? Looking forward to that 1 day when we know all about it.

No more showing off.......go get 'em.

Isaiah 43:7 (KJV) Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory, I have formed him; yea, I have made him.