Can I turn off those large pop-up windows

Hello there can I turn off the help windows keep popping up. I use voice recognition software which works okay with the program but I keep getting pop-up overlays explaining matters to me. Can we turn these off?

Thanks for a neat bit of software and it is a joy to find an electronic version of a trustworthy King James Bible text.

By the way have you considered allowing search references with no punctuation as in: Romans 3 14

I would also like to see the full book names within that top search bar but it is only a matter of personal choice of I think.

Cheers for now

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
There is no way to disable the tooltips, no.

Romans 3 14 would be interpreted as Romans chapters 3 and 14. If you are looking to avoid holding the shift button to type a colon, use a period instead. It is the same amount of keys as a space: Romans 3.14

Thank you,