Video Creating Your Own Books and Commentaries

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
I have updated this video (made with SwordSearcher 8.2). This is a tutorial on creating your own books and commentaries.

Brandon, for me the one can't-do-without and this-is-why-I-use-it feature of SwordSearcher is the ability to create one's own Bible, book, and commentary modules. That is the one feature that I use the most and appreciate the most among the dozens of excellent features. Thank you! No other software I know of makes it so easy and treats user content equal with "in house" content.

My second favorite feature is the Bible audio. Again, to the best of my knowledge no other software has verse-level audio that can be linked to Scourby, and I don't even know if others have any "real" verse-level audio (they may). I think some have synthetic voices. (I only wish I could record my own non-English Bible audio and "code" it for verse level playback.)

SwordSearcher is a tool that it's a joy to use. It's like using a top-of-the-line tool rather than a K-Mart/Wal-Mart/Low-class tool. Thanks for all you invest in it.