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I think this has been suggested before and is probably already somewhere on the to-do list... It would be helpful if the 'default' highlight/underline color showed when you rest the cursor on the highlight icon. Sometimes when I'm changing colors, I forget what the last used one was, and then I have to open the drop-down to see what the color will be or re-highlight the text if I didn't remember right. I use different colors for different things - like blue for the characteristics of Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, green for promises, red for warnings, etc.

Brandon Staggs

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Brandon, do you foresee adding the ability to modify or add different colors for highlighting and underlining within the bible?
Thank you. :)
It's an idea that is still on my wish-list, but I do not know when it may be implemented.

Johnny NL

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Dark green, dirt, tan, camo....
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