Deacon Caring Ministry


Beta Tester
Our church just sponsored a 2-day mini-Bible conference for all men on the subject of "deacons" and service / ministry, with an emphasis on the fact that even though not everyone is qualified to hold the office, everyone can "deac" if you will (serve the Lord).

Our Pastor did have a goal of providing some baseline training by an outside, objective authority (a retired seminary president who runs a ministry of helping churches) in an effort to hope some new men would be called into the ministry of serving in the office, so we might start a deacon caring ministry.

We now have 6 men serving in the office -- 4 new men elected this year. Since coming back to my home church, I was asked to serve as a deacon and am beginning my 2nd year of a 3 year term.

Please pray that God will sharpen our focus on prayer and caring for those in our church -- both members and attenders -- and that this will build up and strengthen the body, honor the Lord Jesus, and perhaps even bring more into a relationship of saving grace with God through Jesus by the power of the Spirit.

Next month we will be electing a chair for the group (to give it some order and provide some overt leadership), and we will begin the task of assigning family units in the church to each deacon to begin the care ministry in earnest.

Pray we will be united in Spirit, purpose and vision, fully supportive of the Pastor, and dedicated to caring for the saints and sinners who God sends our way.

Especially pray we will be unified in choosing the right man amongst us as "chair."