Default file for SS user modules


Beta Tester
A while back we were able to choose which file we wanted to be or default file for user modules. The general consensus for those using SS across devices was Microsoft's then named SkyDrive. It is only today I figured out why I was having such trouble seeing modules added to the cloud folder... the name was changed to OneDrive and SS was searching for SkyDrive :confused:. Somehow the modules eventually showed up but I made the change in my preferences folder and I immediately saw the one I added to day :). I don't know if anyone else had the same problem.

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
I don't think the OneDrive/SkyDrive path would be changed with a minor update, but perhaps updating Windows would do it. Either way, the fix is pretty simple: just go to File, Preferences, Module File Locations and make sure you have the correct path on the list. As you point out, you can change the default location to a OneDrive path there.