Video Different Bible panel text display modes

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
The "new line for every verse" option for paragraph mode is a new feature added in version 7.1.
WOW! I just searched for the word HAPPY and saw a wonderful pull-down display (in green type) of several verses suggested. I also just watched your video above and realized that there a host of other features that I never explored. I have never used the paragraph button before! And now I can see how you have improved it immensely. What a treasure we have in the Word of God! Thank you for making it so much more accessible for study and presentation, brother. I need to clear my schedule for a personal mini-seminar to watch all of your videos. Your instruction is delightfully clear.


Beta Tester
Brandon, I had not seen this video or known about the "New Line in Every Paragraph" mode. That is perfect for printing out a chapter to use while teaching and having your text available while you are turning to reference scripture without having to turn back and forth all the time. Very convenient. Thanks for the video.