Enhancement to English-Strong's Indexer


Beta Tester
The tool is wonderful as it is, but I think I have an idea or two that would make it even better.

(1) How about if it could somehow chart out other ways a given word is translated in the KJV? E.g., you look up "Judas". How about a drop-down expansion triangle under "G2455" with a note "Also translated in KJV as …" and a list of other ways it's translated. Admittedly, the same info is (apparently*) also in the Strong's definition where it says, "Juda(-h, -s); Jude" so we can assume that it's rendered "Juda, Judah, Judas, Jude" in the KJV. I think having that info in the E-S indexer would be more convenient.

*I said "apparently" since I'm not convinced the data there always matches what the tagging of the text gives us.​

(2) I'm sure this is a bigger issue programmatically, but I'd like to be able to put more than one word in the English-Strong's indexer and see the results, for, e.g., Juda, Judah, Judas, Jude. It would be especially useful if it put them in a table form so that those linked to the same Strong's number were one one line.

Always asking for more, huh? :)