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Free Add-on Farm Sermons (Spurgeon) [chsFarm] 1.0
A collection of "LESSONS FROM THE ACRES"

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Brandon Staggs

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Brandon Staggs submitted a new resource:

Farm Sermons (Spurgeon) [chsFarm] - A collection of "LESSONS FROM THE ACRES"

01. Preface
02. The Sluggard's Farm
03. The Broken Fence
04. Frost and Thaw
05. The Corn of Wheat Dying to Bring Forth Fruit
06. The Ploughman
07. Ploughing the Rock
08. The Parable of the Sower
09. The Principal Wheat
10. Spring in the Heart
11. Farm Laborers
12. What the Farm Laborers Can Do and What They Cannot Do
13. The Sheep Before the Shearers
14. In the Hay-field
15. The Joy of Harvest
16. Spiritual Gleaning
17. Mealtime in the Cornfields
18. The Loaded...

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