James Taylor

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Pray for those of us who live on the river. It hasent got to us yet but its about 5 days away and this isnt looking good. Theres no place left to go, every thing around us is flooding. Sure need your prayers.


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Ok, James, I'll pray for you and the others in the flood's path. Keep us updated when you can.


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praying for you

Johnny NL

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Same here friend, . . .
Prayers, and caring !!!

James Taylor

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Just wanted to say thanks for your prayers dureing the flood. We were one of the very few towns that dident get a drop of flood water. However my heart and prayer goes out for those that will suffer for many years to come. Many people will never get back on there feet again. There are times when our only blessings is our spiritual treasures. May no one loose sight of our real purpose in this life. Heaven will be worth it all. Thanks

Johnny NL

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North of Vermont; Champlain Lake, which become lac Champlain just across the border, and Richelieu River,in Quebec province, CANADA; became ALL flooded 7 weeks ago and still is.
Plus the weather forecast is not looking good with all that rain coming up, it shall raise another 6" to 8" more !!!!
People are crying, and exhausted about all that flood.
All I can say, People are saying on TV that they call unto the LORD for a relief!!! NEVER heard people exposing their faith out loud like this before here in Quebec !!!!!
I think, (only my thoughts) that God allow this to happen, so people may acknowledge who is HE !!! Amen
I love the LORD, and WORSHIP HIS NAME !!!!

Father we lift up those in the United States being impacted by the flooding, Lord there just seems to be so much chaos from natural disasters across our country from flooding and tornadoes and Father we just lift up all those being impacted by the devastation. Father we pray for our country as a whole and just that we continue to reach out and pour out love on people being impacted. We pray for those who are rebuilding, those who have been injured, those who have lost their homes as well as loved ones. Lord we pray that your spirit just brings peace and healing. We pray that through all this you can be glorified by the actions of your disciples, we pray your love will be shown to our country Lord, and we pray all this in Jesus name, Amen.