Font colours (or "colors" for my US friends :-))

I have changed my colour scheme to a blue background with yellow text that I find easier on my eyes for extended periods of time, and most of the time this works fine.
I have added a few of third-party modules and one of these reverts to black text but retains the blue background, making it very difficult to read. The same is true when I use the concordant view in search results.
I would appreciate any help on this.

(There is also one of the third-party modules (150Quest) that seems to be made up of images, but the images won't load. Where should I direct any queries about this.)

Many thanks. Enjoying the updates in 8.1.


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I didn't see any images in the 150Quest module, only text and Bible references. The text was small on my system and since the module is editable, you could edit it and run the style and format cleaner on it to improve the look. In the editor you can find it under the menu item, FORMAT/STYLE AND FORMAT CLEANER. This usually fixes most issues.

You could also try the format cleaner on user editable modules that have the background problem that you mentioned.

Brandon may have a better answer.
Apologies - 150Quest is the module with the font issue. "One on One Lessons" (1on1) is the image-based module.

Used the format cleaner on 150Quest - problem solved! Brilliant! Thank you.
If you know how to do a similar fix on Concordant View in search results, I would be most appreciative.

Brandon Staggs

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Unfortunatly the concordance mode text will always display in a black color unless the system is in high contrast mode. I will add this to the to-do list to change.

SwordSearcher 8.1 supports high contrast mode, which may help you with usability. It may be worth looking into. You can use it to make Windows show everything with a yellow text and blue background if you wanted it that way. This image shows what it looks like if I configure High Contrast mode to use a blue background:


A nice thing about high contrast mode in Windows 8 and WIndows 10 (I haven't seen it in Windows 7) is that you can switch in and out of it with a simple shortcut.


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Apologies - 150Quest is the module with the font issue. "One on One Lessons" (1on1) is the image-based module.
Some modules use an 'asset' folder for images. I think "1on1" is one of them. If you look in your SwordSearcher User Modules folder (usually under Documents) and don't see "1on1-Assets" maybe you can try downloading and installing the module again, which should create it.
Thanks for all your help, Brandon Staggs, ,marty, & wsbones.
Trying out high contrast and gotta admit, there's something I like about it - looking very "spy-ish".
I've looked for 1on1 module to redownload but it seems to be discontinued. I saw another that may be similar, so I'll give it a go.
Again, thanks for all your help.