Forge How-to Videos

I really appreciate the newsletters and all the videos showing how to get the most out of SS. I would really like to see some videos on how to use Forge. I have some commentaries in an electronic format and I'd love to convert them into SS modules to aid in bible study. Any chance that you might consider this?
Thank you for a FANTASTIC product.

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
It would be very difficult to make videos for Forge that were broad enough to cover the needs of more than a few people at a time... Whatever commentaries you have in electronic format, the first step is going to be getting them exported into files that you can somehow modify to work as Forge input files. That is really where the work is, and I wouldn't be able to make a video that suits more than a single conversion project at a time. Unless you have some programming experience, it is probably easier to skip using Forge altogether and copy-and-paste into the book or commentary module editor in SwordSearcher.