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User-submitted Golden Grain 2013-06-16
John Wright Follette

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Golden Grain - John Wright Follette

This book was created from a CCEL test file and may contain some Pentecostal doctrine.

Golden Grain contains the brief thoughts from gifted preacher and teacher, John Wright Follette. These little "nuggets" of truth are short phrases or paragraphs that Follette kept ready-at-hand to dispense to anyone in need of aid. Full of practical wisdom, these different nuggets are ideal for meditation, for each one holds in store a new spiritual insight. Indeed, only after much meditation and...

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I downloaded it, thanks, Bill. I like it very much, and so true:

"There is such a difference between being religious and being spiritual. "

"Miracles appeal to the cosmic curiosity of the flesh. Don't commercialize them. Have spiritual
adjustment in God. "Rejoice not in miracles, but that your name is written in heaven.""

"Never "Why" God: Worship Him!"

The title has another significance for me. My dad worked for Golden Grain company in Seattle for about 30 years, I think it was. (Rice-a-Roni, Ghirardelli chocolate.) Never thought to use it in this context but, again, so true.
I am glad you liked it. I read a few snippets here and there and thought it would be worthwhile. Looking forward to reading more over time.
Got it! Thanks bro.............

Lord, keep me alive until I die

Thanks for the heads up on doctrine-- chew up the meat, spit out the bones
I downloaded it, thanks, Bill. I like it very much, and so true:

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Brandon... all my stars are grey and I can't click on them...?

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it works, thank you :)

Golden Grain for today:
"The devil will tempt us with the identical setup God uses to test us.​
Temptation is always unto defeat and death.​
Testing is always unto strength and life. "​