Here's a little smile...


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Little Georgie Girl hasn't seen many mud puddles and she's fascinated with them... She wanted me to pick her up. Haha!



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She's adorable!!


Beta Tester
She's a real sweetheart! I thank God for her all the time. It's fun to watch her explore.


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What is it about puppies and how they love us and how we love them. I know they are
a huge blessing from the Lord, no doubt about it. Our puppy's name is Zerubbabel, but
of course he won't answer to that, so we shortened it to "Zoo." (Yes, we have a dog named
Zoo).. I suppose you could say that he is not a puppy, he is after all a little over 84 years
old in our time, but he is still such a healthy, strong, exuberant, and loving member of
our family. He's some over 100 lbs. but still likes to sit in Dad's lap, or more precisely,
on his chest!!

Marty thanks for sharing, sometimes they are so cute they just make me want to cry!