Highlighting books, and dictionaries, and commentaries.

Hi. I am new to swordsearcher. I like this software, but I have a question please. Is it possible to highlight the books, dictionaries and commentaries? If not, can we expect this feature in future versions of this software? I appreciate your answer. Thank you.

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
The user markup function for highlighting and underlining is only for the Bible panel in the current version. Markup features for the book and commentary panels is in the feature request list, but there is no estimate on future implementation.


Beta Tester
User editible modules can be highlighted in Edit mode. You can tell if the Book is user editible by the pencil next to its name on the tab. :)
Thank you, Marty. I made a user's book to write down snippets of comments or other books with the pieces I want to underline for future references and it's fantastic. That supplies the need for the moment. The truth is that Swordsearcher is great Bible software. I have other programs, but this one is excellent. God bless you.
I also would like to see the ability to highlight in the commentaries or books. I know you can't but find myself constantly trying to. I know I could copy & paste but often I am in a hurry and don't want to take the time to start a new file or to find one. I often slip reading in between appointments or at times when I had not planned to read.
Love the program. Best out there for a preacher just as it is.