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Thank you for the update! That's great news! I'll be praying that you're aware that God's favor is all over you during your interview!

Psalms 5:11-12 But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy, because thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee. For thou, LORD, wilt bless the righteous; with favour wilt thou compass him as with a shield.


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I have had a second interview with the company I have the greatest interest and excitement for the opportunity they offer. Patently waiting for a positive response, but I continue the self marketing,

We have turned up the heat on the house hunt with the aid of real estate brokers.

I appreciate the prayers and support.


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That's so exciting! I know it had to be a shock to start with, but I hope looking back, this is more fun than stress for you! That's how my last house hunting turned out - such and upset and so stressful at the beginning, but a lot of fun once it got going and looking back, I can see many joyful blessings along the way - and very much thank our Lord for the changes in my life.

I continue to hold you up in prayer. Thank you for the update - I know you'll post right away when you get your new job and home.
Thanks for the update, continuing to pray for you.


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that is good news!

it is never work when you are happy with what you are doing................


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The waiting is the worst! So hard to balance anticipation of a new job and steeling yourself for a NO. I do pray that you get out of Limboland soon, Gord! May you feel bathed in our Father's Love and be blessed knowing He has the best plans for you!


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Thinking of you last night and this morning, Gord. Praying for His blessings and peace to be all over you!


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All our prayers are showing ripe fruit. Thank you all for your petitions on our behalf. Not having a job, and no letter of employment made house renting a daunting task. Today we found a landlord willing to work with us so on the 15th we can begin moving our belongings to our new home. It is similar to what we currently have and less than a mile from our current location.

The job hunt has me on one interview next Friday, a call back to be expected from another potential employer on Monday, a new opportunity came available this afternoon to which my resume has been sent.

Our God answers prayer, please join me in thankfully worship to His Grace. May he bless each and everyone according to his Will.


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Amen! You've been on my mind much, Gord. I know that old Waiting can be tough sometimes - feels like forever while you're in it. Good things are headed your way! Praises for the house!


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Amen to that! I continue to lift you up before our heavenly Father's Throne of mercy and grace assured that He will answer, not because of me but because of His Son's redemption of our souls and His great and precious promises to us:

Jer 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

He's got you covered!


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Haven't heard from you for a while, Gord. How's it going?
So many things come to mind as I write this:
You are in His heart and mind;
sometimes NOT getting a particular job is a Blessing;
You are remembered.
Luke 12:30 ...Your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things.


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Bless you Marty, there is nothing new on the job front, but I know that this is a blessing, we took position of the new home on the 15 th of October, I don't have to vacate the old until Nov 30th.

This has allowed me to paint, do some yard work, move all my tools and man cave toys, do some cabinets etc for Dianna's kitchen things, and fix her a clean laundry room for her new washer and dryer. (After 43yrs married, this is her first new set). All of these chores are so much easier before the furniture swap, so the lack of 'job' has not prevented me from lots to do. I continue to move boxes etc to lighten the load and my cost for the movers on Nov. 19th.

I know this is all part of God's plan for me in answer to everyone's prayers for us. Bless you all in His Name.


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Ok, that wasn't too traumatic. Movers came Wednesday, nothing was damaged, but my iPad was stolen by a crew member. Police are investigating, the moving company is in the process of replacing it.

On Friday Dianna went back to the old house to tidy up the dust bunnies and took our dog Maggie with her, Maggie found in the basement a mouse bar (warfarin) we had placed under the washer and dryer to help keep the field mouse population in check, Maggie thought it was a chew stick. After Dianna freaked out, I rushed the dog to the vet, and within 1/2 hour vomiting was induced to rid of the deadly product. They then gave Maggie liquid activated charcoal, (as it binds to any poisonous residue and renders it harmless from being absorbed into the blood stream). We have had her on vitamin K 3 times a day since and for up to 3 weeks, as it aids in keeping the blood in coagulating ability to normal levels. (in case any of the poison did enter the blood stream). Her complete recovery is eminent, the actual move seems to have stressed her more than the poisoning.

I started work as a Lowes associate hired as seasonal part time, (I am hoping to prove my self worthy of being hired full time). I am still actively pursuing employment in the waste industry, but the Lowes job is going to help financially until then.

My apologies for not being active on the site of late, my prayers continue daily for each of all of you and this site.

We have been blessed as our new life unfolds, please pray with me for the moving crew, as one of them has real need of learning right from wrong.

Bless you all for keeping us safe and healthy in prayer over the last few months.

Johnny NL

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That's not a nice thing....(iPad)...sorry to hear that. Did you have all backed up ??
I keep praying for your job, as well all others here that also need work.
May the Living Lord bless you with the proper work job desired.
By Jesus Christ's Name, for the Glory of The Same.....AMEN.


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Happy for you in your new home, not happy about Maggie going through all that - our puppies are SO IMPORTANT, some times I think they are angels sent from the Lord to make us smile. Every time I cry Zoo comes running! - but happy, again, that Maggie will be all right.

Plus the added bonus in reading your email: I LOVE Lowes, such nice and helpful people there, and now you're one of them! Congratulations on your new job and praise the Lord for the opportunities!
Congratulations Gord! And happy that Maggie is on her way to a full recovery :). May God continue to bless you and Dianna.


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Thinking of you, Gord, I hope you're still at Lowes?


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Bless you Marty, My retail job at Lowes, has me walking approx 16,000 steps per 8 hours. I have lost about 10lbs since I started there. (a blessing in disguise)

I have been called by Waste Management and accepted a position equal to my previous job in all respects including slightly elevated salary.

I will attempt to maintain my Lowes job part time, as one never knows what the job future holds in store.

Our God is far more gracious then we can ever comprehend, and truly knows what's best for us.