Video How you can search for a Bible concept without knowing the Bible words

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
This video shows an easy way to switch from a Bible search to topical study in the search bar.

Blogged here and also can be viewed here.
One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that you can right-click in the Book panel and select "load all referenced verses" if you'd like to read through all the verse links without clicking/hovering each one.
I've had so much trouble with this! Thank you for the video, Brandon! <3
You're welcome. I think one point to drive home about the topic guide is "less is better" -- The fewer words you use in the topic guide, the better chance you have at getting usable results. This example is a single word and shows how it was really designed to be used.

I think some "natural language" type of search for modules would be a good thing to support but that will be some time into the future.
Thanks Brandon!