I just can't believe.....

Johnny NL

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I just can't believe, christian, today, NOT knowing this !?!?!?!
How can you go otherwise, other versions, than the HOLY SCRIPTURES, King James version 1611 ???

And of course, I am still going through the BEST reference on that topic.

Man ! it is hard to get people to understand this.:(
As a francophone from Canada, I understand a LOT better King James Bible, than "other" english version.
Why is that?
I Praise the LORD for ALLLLL His goodness, but over all, I Praise Him for His true SCRIPTURES, and the BEST toolbox that comes with it: SwordSearcher 8.1/AV1611.

I am sure if they would use BOTH in schools, they would have "their" revival in no time !!!!! (just saying);)
I am sorry, I didn't wanna get political.
The word of the day: APOSTASY.:eek::p:(o_O
Keep going world, I hear the clock tickin'....

Ya'all be blessed by the HOLY GHOST.