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I made an improvement to Bonnell's Dictionary of 3 Word Phrases (BD3WP) and 4 Word Phrases(BD4WP). You can download them here:

The improvement is a word link at the top of each entry that will search the dictionary for any phrases containing that keyword that may have been categorized under a another** keyword. Previously, the word link searched the KJV Bible for the word.

(** A phrase is categorized under the first occurring, longest word in the phrase. If 2 words in a phrase are the same length, the first one is where the phrase would be found. A phrase is categorized only under one keyword.)

Here's an example. In the dictionary entry for Aaron all the phrases where Aaron is the longest word are listed. But, Aaron also appears in 28 other topics where another word is longer than Aaron. Now by clicking on aaron at the top of the Aaron entry, a search will return all the phases containing Aaron. Previously, this could be done using the F3 key and typing in the word, Aaron.

Bonnell's Dictionary of Three Word Phrases
First occurrence of aaron is in Ex 4:14
29 aaron and his
26 sons of aaron
20 and aaron and
19 of aaron the
17 unto aaron and
... rest omitted

Now if you click the word link for aaron in this entry, the search box returns the following:

Showing all 29 results in Bonnell's Dictionary of Three Word Phrases.
First occurrence of aaron is in ex 4.14 29 aaron and his 26 sons of a...
First occurrence of aaron's is in ex 6.25 5 shall be aaron's 5 be aar...
...ught against it 6 and against his 6 and against aaron 6 against this land 6 against this city 6 agai...
First occurrence of amram is in ex 6.18 3 amram aaron and 2 sons of amram 2 of amram aaron 2 amram...

... The remainder of the 29 entries have been deleted here.

Brandon Staggs

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Thanks, Bill. I updated the installer for the BD3WP on SSModules.


Beta Tester
Update at

Sorry to update this again so soon, but I made a couple more improvements. I added more links to each word entry in order to search the KJV, Topic and Verse Guide, and BD3WP. The only tools missing for each word is a link to the English Strongs Indexer and Full Library Search (Brandon, would those type of links be useful to add in a later SS update? )

Here's an example for the word, GRACE.

First occurrence is in Ge 6:8
Is GRACE also listed under longer keywords in BD3WP?
Search the KJV for GRACE
Search the Topic Guide for GRACE

39 the grace of
23 grace of god
13 grace of our
12 grace in thy
8 of the grace
8 find grace in
7 grace be with

... etc. deleted

Brandon Staggs

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Updated on SSModules.

Yes, some additional URL protocols could be added for those other methods...


Beta Tester
Update for BD3WP

I decided that each 3 word phrase should be categorized under every word in the phrase, not just the first, longest word. This makes the module a little larger but has the benefit of showing every 3 word phase for every word being looked up. Hope that makes sense. In short it's a better module :)

The way I use this module is to set the "double clicking a word" option in the sync preferences to open BD3WP. This way it gives you several choices in addition to showing all the phrases containing the word.

  • You can search the Bible for the word with a single click,
  • Open the topic guide for the word,
  • Pick another book resource tab like ISBE or Webster's dictionary.
  • See verse references of the first and last occurrence of the word.
  • With these verse references in the topic, that means that BD3WP shows up in the Bible margin links as well. When hovering on the BD3WP margin link, it will tell you which words in the verse are first or last occurrences.


Beta Tester
Thanks, again, Bill! :)


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Many thanks Bill.
May God bless you real good today as you have blest us.