Inspiration poem "The Rapture Train"

Scott Hamm

Just wanted to inspire people with poem that I wrote, "The Rapture Train". Hope it will inspire everyone! God Bless!

The Rapture Train

The rapture train is boarding,
On heaven bound railway,
To that Bright and Morning Star,
Filled with blood washed sinners,

Our life with Jesus is rewarding,
Since He is the only one way,
Above and beyond all compare,
Who truly died for all sinners!

The rapture train is boarding,
And the time is running out,
Salvation tickets are free,
Behold now is the time,

This world is storming,
Into the spiritual blackout,
Where devils will roam free,
At the end of time.

The rapture train is boarding,
Going forward, not backwards,
There is only one chance,
Missing it will be days of sorrow,

Left behind in an eternal mourning,
Where everything seems so backward,
And world to hell will transplant,
And yet worse will come tomorrow.

The rapture train is boarding,
Leaving slowly and sure,
Door is still open for all to come,
Now is the time to get aboard,

The free eternal gift is rewarding,
For Christ' love for us is true,
With Him in us we will overcome,
On the eternal rapture train to aboard!