Interleafing a bible

I'm not sure how many of you have ever done this or have a reason to do it. Basically if you are not familiar with the term, it means taking a bible and adding blank pages in between the pages of the text.
Wide margin bible are fine for most people. But there are a few people that need more space, because they have more notes (because their memory is not as good as it used to be, at least in my case) or they might want to add charts or pictures.
Now there are a few bible is the past that have done for you, but the draw back is that when a publisher does it they place a blank page in between each page.
There is another option I'm aware of (and owned several different types in the past) is a loose leaf bible which are bible in a five or three ring binder, or they also have them in a leather cover with removable pins that allow you add and remove pages at will.

So this brings you to interleafing. You must start with a wide margin bible, because during the process they are going to remove your cover and add the pages and rebind the bible with a new cover, it will take some of the center column space. So if you have a wide margin with center column notes you will possible loose part of those notes. You really need to think it through before you start. When you have thought about it and decided then ponder and meditate on it a little more. Maybe if anyone is interested I will tell you about some of the projects that did not turn out like I planned.

Some brief recommendations, I would put at least 2 blank pages at the beginning of each book, what I used them for was to generic or introductory information about each book there, or if you had extra notes about one verse in that book, that would not fit in the margin could go there with a reference in the margin next to the verse saying where more info is found.
The next step would be to pick out which books you would want to interleaf. Some of the Old Testament books could be skipped because there you either have enough room for notes in the margin or like the Chronicles, those notes could be added in Kings, maybe a few of the minor prophets. A few of the New Testament books could be skipped (like one or two of the Gospels, or maybe 2nd and 3rd John (you have the pages at the beginning for extra notes).
Other considerations are I would place at least 25 blank pages in the front and 25 blank pages in the rear. I use those in the front, for quips and quotes, studies I have done or information from other sources, like tracts or pamphlets, that I might need later or while teaching. The rear 25 pages are reserved for manuscript evidence and information in support of the KJV or information against the worlds feeble attempts at rewrites of scripture. Now in the middle of the bible (between the testaments) I would place 100 blank pages. The first 13 pages are labeled with a letter of the alphabet, one letter on the front of each page and one letter on the back, this is my index I'm not smart enough to remember where I put everything and it helps me keep all my notes about a given subject in one area. I use a form of short hand to help me locate notes, so a note about Christ assentation might be in MB 25 that would mean to me that I could find that note in the middle section of notes 25 pages from the back.
The last thing which is very critical is get 100 blank pages. I use those pages to add pages where I have found I need more room for more notes, I trim those pages and insert them with glue where needed. It also makes it easier to add hand made charts or illustrations, because you can do them in a controlled flat surface and the insert later.
The people that did my interleafing was a company called they have done me right, and have good customer service. But I would recommend you do your own search before you settle on someone. I was not aware that Local Church bible publishing offered the "build your own bible" option, that might be worth looking into also.

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To begin with this topic, I must say like I did before, ALL my SS8's notes are also kept (paper version) in my KJV large print, Thompson Chain, Wide Margin. So i do have both electronic and paper copy of everything. BUT, also, in my Paper copies of Bible KJV, if the notes are too voluminous for paper copy, I always write into paper copy the SS8 reference, which I can access through my SS8. This being said, your topic is indeed very interesting.
For my previous KJV paper copy, (Before my "NEW" CBP KJV Bibles (2)), I did write my note into a word format, in a very small font size, print them, and cut them in the size of my Bible pages size, and just throw them into the right page of my Bible. (as a loose leaf) Which after a while, of course, the "thickness" of my Bible got bigger and bigger, until the Bible become way too big. Plus, I did drop it once, and guess what?.... I had to "RE-file" them into that Bible paper copy..... what an "adventure"....lolll.
Now, like I said, I just write the ref, in the paper copy, for me to go back in my SS8 for the "full note".
And of course..... after bad experiences, ALLLLLLL my note, SS8, maps, everything, backed up into 3 different external hard drive.
I could NEVER do Bible studies, without my SwordSearcher 8....anymore !!!.
"The next best thing after the Perfect WORD of GOD, KJV 1611, of course the SwordSearcher 8, ... right before the wheel ! ! ! "

Amen, and Ya'all be blessed !!!
Where did you get a KJV Thompson?? Was it the same one from Church Bible Publishers?? I'd like to see pictures! I'd be interested in that!

Johnny NL

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