Just noticed -- it's good, mostly


Beta Tester
Just noticed that I can right-click at a word and I have the option of having that word looked up in Webster's or English-Strong's Indexer, and if it's highlighted I have the additional option of having the Bible or Topic guide open.

That's good.

The one thing I don't like about it is if I double click the word Webster's opens by default. But still very good idea.
Doh, the thing about Webster's! Didn't know that! I was still clicking on the appropriate Webster's module, and then clicking on the word I wanted to look up - like I had to do in 4. Live and learn. 5 is pretty good. Don't know why people like other Bible programs, except for possibly having more resources - but everytime I come back here and see the upgrades, I realize that most anything you could want is in them or is being made for future ones.

P.S. Thanks Brandon for all your hard work - been using your Bible program since 98 (when you gave me a free download for my ministry), and buying copies for others (though my webpartner is the one who actually orders them for me - don't have a credit card). I just ordered five copies a few months ago (too bad it was 5.0, not 5.1!), and now have it on my work computer at the Gospel Mission - very helpful!!