KJV Bible Word Search Puzzles for the Entire Holy BIble


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This SwordSearcher module includes a Word Search puzzle for each and every Chapter in the Bible, and is complete except for Psalms 51-150. It supports the King James Version and to a lesser extent, the ASV. I will be finishing Psalms in a couple days. So, in the mean-time, have fun and enjoy these puzzles! There are approximately 1,200 Bible Word Search puzzles in this module.

The file Size of this SS module is about 2.9 MB unzipped - The ZIP file is about 7.0 MB including the module and the included subdirectory with .DOCX files ZIPped. These 66 .docx files are what the puzzles in the Word Search module are derived from.

Note: Each puzzle should copy and paste just fine into your Word Processor. At least I know that they paste just fine into Word 2010. As a registered WordPerfect Office 2021 User, I have noticed some formatting might be needed, but not to the actual text of the puzzle that is found inside each Puzzle. Each Puzzle is actually a Word 2010 Table. The only abnormality I have noticed is in the formatting of text found outside of a particular puzzle. Some formatting needs to be done but as far as the puzzles themselves, they seem to print out just fine on my Epson WorkForce Printer. I will go back soon and do a little cosmetic work on the Titles, etc... for the puzzles. As to the puzzles themselves, they are good to go... Soon as I finish Psalms 51-150 the module will be complete and I will go back and make it a little more presentable.


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