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Johnny NL

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is it possible to have a custom made KJV Bible, with my specs?
Does anyone know a good website, where i could get that kind of Bible?(Paper copy, of course.)
I need to RE-write Allllll my notes from SS8, in my paper version. That's why the wide margin, and large print. (I need room)
I looked already for "custom made " Bible, but seems no possible ways to do so... πŸ˜₯

- Cambridge.
- large print
- Red Letter
- Thumb-index
- Wide margin; all around.
- High quality leather.
- etc.
Please, let me know.
Thanks, Ya'all. !

Brandon Staggs

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There's no feasible way someone can offer custom Bibles as it pertains to the text itself. The best you can do is find a Bible printer that offers several text blocks and find one you like. Church Bible Publishers has a "build a Bible" system that I used and talk about in the video Bill linked to, but you are still limited to choosing between the text blocks they have. I don't think there is any economical way to do "one-off" printings of complete Bibles. If you use the CBP Build-a-Bible system just be very careful about picking a text you will be happy with-- they will not give refunds if you get your Bible and find the text is too small, etc.

Johnny NL

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Johnny NL

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Ok.... Today I did order from CBP, "built-a-Bible", I did call the shipping manager Michael Riley for extras and info. What a GREAT costumer service !!!
I did order a 120RL Cameo with a Full Yapp goatskin. 4 ribbons 1/4"....the works !!!! Then, I call Mr.Riley for paying for an extra: Thumb-Index. (which is NOT offer in Built-A-Bible.) an extra $25. Which is more than fine. This one is going to be my "Final Bible Version". After few e-mails with CBP, we could set up that needed extra.
NOW..... the waiting game begin.... already looking forward to receive that piece of "WISDOM" .... As soon as it shows up to my door, I will keep you guys posted ! ( I am so exited !!!)
Thank you again for the video, and all the info, Mr. Staggs and wsbone.
All this being well appreciated.
Ya'all be blessed now. !!!
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