Layout Management

Ken Sturgeon

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I have a few different layouts configured, one of which is a simple two panel, side by side layout. In the left panel are the Bibles and in the right panel are the Books and Dictionaries, Commentaries, and Verse Guide in that order left to right.


Whenever I perform a search, the search results pops up between the Commentaries and Verse Guide.


Is there any way to force the search results to show to the right of the initial three tabs rather than separating them.


Thank you very much.
Ken Sturgeon

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
If you save the layout with a visible search result panel "where you want it to go," in theory, it should open new ones in that location even after you restart SwordSearcher. So basically, I would try saving the layout when it looks just like the bottom one in your post, with one, and only one, search result panel visible. That should tell the layout engine where you want search results to appear the next time the layout is used.

If you save a layout without a search result panel visible, it will show them where it thinks is best based on a number of factors, but it is really just a "guess" on the part of the layout engine.

I am not 100% sure this will work perfectly with tabbed panels, but please give that a try.

Ken Sturgeon

Active Member
Aha! The trick is to always leave at least one search result panel open at the far left of the other tabs.
Thank you Brandon.