Module creation


Thomas 63640

Since I'm new to the program I thought I would just ask here instead of trying varies things till I figure it out.

Simply but what coding language is used for say making link of say the contents page link to parts of the module is used from that I can more than likely figure the rest out myself.

I'm not strong in all coding language's but have some familiarity with the one say for website creation. I haven't tried anything yet but thought I would ask seeing as I've seen a couple of the module using links one have the picture of the bookcase and another that just had a table of content that you could click on the different items to take you there.

Probably as noob question LOL but I just thought I would ask for more detailed info as to module creation if this was in some of the pages already please forgive I missed it so redirect me then :)

Brandon Staggs

Staff member
Here is a video on creating user modules in SwordSearcher:

Here is the user manual that explains many details:

The Insert menu in the editor contains options for linking to other entries, etc.

If you want to do this manually you will need to know HTML and use the Code editor.

If you want to manually create links in the code editor, you'll need to read this:


Thomas 63640

Thanks again, I had already saw this but forgot 😆 another noob example I'm guilty of from time two time. But once again I'm so grateful for this program and it's creation abilities