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Johnny NL

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Thank you very much for that News Letter. (Check list of all books/commentaries.)
I am going through ALLLLLL the inventory, to make sure I got them all.
Guess what???..... I am making back up @ 3 different places, a flash drive, an WD external drive, and a 3rd one; WD My Passport that I save in a fireproof safe.....There!
( I should be safe now, shouldn't I ???)
Anyway, People.... back up, back up, back up !!!! Always.
Thank You Sir.

Brandon Staggs

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back up, back up, back up !!!! Always.
Couldn't agree more. Lost a bunch of code waaaaaay back when I was working on SwordSearcher 2, and from then on, I've always erred on the side of paranoia when it comes to backups. I have three automated daily backups and a few extra "just in case" manual ones I do on occasion. 👍
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