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I don't know if there is an open source English Etymology Dictionary available for SS? I've been using and that works okay, but wondered if there is a better resource? And would love to see one in SwordSearcher. Defining English words with English tools... instead of re-defining (re-translating) Greek words into English (as is the common practice).

Brandon Staggs

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You might take a look at Wright's Bible Word-Book (Wright book module)-- it has some interesting historical examples of words in there. The 1913 Webster module has etymology on many of the words but it is not so easy to decipher unless you can understand the abbreviations (which are listed in the module's information window).

As for this online dictionary, it looks to be the hobby project of its maintainer (a pretty good one at that). I couldn't find a clear statement on re-using the data, so the blanket copyright would certainly prohibit its use in SwordSearcher without express permission...