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I have a younger brother in another state that's in dire need of a touch from the Master's hand. This past September he had to have an operation due to his ongoing Crohn's disease and from what I was told they nearly lost him three times in ICU. They discovered he also has cirrhosis which makes no sense as he's never drank in his life. He was too weak and spent for another operation to even be considered.

He was in the hospital for twelve days and still recuperating as he lost down to 115 pounds. They had to install a colostomy bag and he'll have to wear it for at least six months, maybe longer. Needless to say, this put him out of work and now he's being told he's been replaced. They have no insurance as his company didn't provide it to employees and now they're facing some $50K+ medical bills and no income.

Please remember his medical and financial situation and lift him up to the Lord that some miracle will be wrought for his sake and his wife. At 54 he's too young to go on Social Secuirty and I don't kow if he can even get unemployment. It's a dire circumstance that needs a touch from the King of Glory.


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Praying for your brother, David.
Thank you much.


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OH, I just want to hug him! Bless his heart, your brother has been through it, hasn't he? I will keep him in my prayers, too, David. And may I ask, is he saved? Oh, I hope so! What comfort can come from only our God, the peace that surpasses all understanding - praying for your peace, too. Keep us posted, please.
Terri, I didn't tough the tip of the ice berg what he's been through since September but didn't want to write a book. He and h is wife are in such great need financially since currently he can't do his job and in all likelihood they wont be able to find a position for him despite his 28+ years with the company. His medical condition and in reality, his life is riding the fence right now. He's suppose to have yet another operation in April for the cirrhosis but I don't see how he can stand it in light of his run down condition and weight loss.

I can't attest to his relationship with the Saviour as I'm in a different state and don't see him often. When our sister died two years ago this month that was the first time I'd seen him in nearly ten years.

They've went so far as to go online asking for money with a website called "Gofund Me". Never heard of it until this. This will give you an idea what he's facing...
Will pray for God's miraculous provision! (and for God to reveal why this is happening to your brother).
I don't think we'll ever know why some things befall us. Just a month before my brother went into the hospital, I was just getting out. I have PAD(Peripheral Artery Disease) and have had several operations on that one leg over the past ten years. This last time was the worse. My toes felt like someone was passing a match under them and I couldn't walk without my calf cramping. finally before I decided to do something about it, my foot would go to sleep whenever I inclined it. So, that meant I couldn't sleep. I had to sleep sitting up on the couch with my feet on the floor for six weeks as if I tried to incline it within minutes it would go numb.

Long story short, the vascular surgeon used my Great Saphenous vein to bypass the blockage in my femoral artery. I was cut from crotch to just above the ankle bone. It took three months of therapy and nurses coming to the house to finally get me where I could walk. Praise God, I can walk now without any pain, lay down at night in my bed instead of the couch and there's no burning and tingling in my toes. They are a bit numb, probably from having all those muscles and nerves cut into but at least I can walk without pain.

All sorts of maladies beset us all. As it is written, " That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust." Matthew 5:45


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Praying also David...
Many thanks. He's the only family member I have left and can't handle loosing him.
It's a terrible disease. He started having trouble with this some 15 years ago but recently it got worse. I didn't know things were as bad as they were until his wife sent me a picture when he was in ICU. He had IV's even in his neck and didn't look good at all. I talked with him a few days ago and he said he was up to 130 pounds...still about 50 light of his original weight.

This was that photo when he was in ICU back in September.


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My mom had it, and my step brother has it. A radical change in diet has helped others I know of with it. I did read Darrell's page you linked to, and will continue to pray.
Thanks, Mobi. He's been fortunate with the job situation until now. He's never been laid off or had to stand in the unemployment line since he started work about 30 some odd years ago. If he can't get back on where he was somehow I don't know what they'll do. He doesn't want the wife to go to work as he's fearful of being home alone and possibly dying alone. I can understand that.

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Psalms 67:1-2 To the chief Musician on Neginoth, A Psalm or Song. God be merciful unto us, and bless us; and cause his face to shine upon us; Selah. That thy way may be known upon earth, thy saving health among all nations.
3 John 1:2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

We know that the true health that matters eternally is only possible through the saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, by His shed blood on the cross. Yet He is our physical healer too, and many miracles He performed in the Bible were physical healing. Sometimes He used spit and ground to make clay and then washing... (John 9:6) for a blind beggar. (I count myself as such)

Crohn's is said to be an autoimmune disease. The body attacks itself. There are many who have been greatly helped, controlled and even cured by a complete new diet environment. Not merely adding a few good things to the diet, like taking a pill or shot or something, but rather a radical change in diet with the goal of removing the triggers that set off Crohn's (or other IBS) attacks, yes; And adding super nutrition to feed the starved body to aid in healing, instead of hurting. I'm talking about kick starting the process with a total fresh Juice fast. That link is a documentary that is easy to watch, but has "evolution" doctrine (and other) that is found in similar secular stuff these days.

I can understand what Darrell is going through...
I found myself bed stricken and praying to die, and I believe it was the Lord that led me to that above video. I was in a totally desperate situation, and because of that, after watching this video we got a juicer that night with the last cash from a Christmas gift we still had, and then got the fruit and veggies and I started the juice fast the next day. Following a free menu I got here...
I wasn't officially diagnosed with Crohn's but spent a pile of money and time on lots of doctors trying to figure out all of my health issues, one of which had all the symptoms of Crohn's.

I stayed on this fast myself for 34 days, and then another week only slowly adding back solids.
Somewhere around 21 days into the fast, I actually began to feel a lot better.

If you think this might be something to pass on to Darrell, if his doctor agrees and all; used and like new juicers can be found on craigslist too. (there are lots of different kinds, the very best juice is from cold presses like a Norwalk juicer or hand pump hydraulic with a food grinder.) The juicer I used was a Jack La lane centrifugal and it worked, but there are better juicers.

When you feel this low, it is easy to lose hope, and hope is something that is really needed to help. I hope this helps the body too.
Thanks for taking the time to write this. I watched the video and couldn't believe that truck driver was 430 pounds and only 6'-1". I don't see how he breathed. I've wanted to buy a juicer for myself for some time now as I love carrot juice! This prompted me to do it. I definitely don't have a weight problem and just 130 pounds but like the benefit of unadulterated fruit juice. I'll have to scout around for one that doesn't leave a lot of pulp behind.

I'll let him know about this as I feel regardless the weight, few of us get the right nutrition we need. One reason I get concerned about his "infirmity of the flesh" is I saw how a neighbor across the street went down so quickly with this disease. I use to see her out walking her two dogs and then I seldom seen her anymore unless I was outside and saw her going to the mailbox. She looked like she had lost some of her hair and had lost weight and seldom came outside at all. Then, I got a call from another neighbor who told me she had died. She was only 56.

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I'll have to scout around for one that doesn't leave a lot of pulp behind.

...One reason I get concerned about his "infirmity of the flesh" is I saw how a neighbor across the street went down so quickly with this disease...
1. The cold press juicers (Norwalk) use a bag to hold all the pulp, they yield the most juice, best juice, least waste. They are Higher priced.
2. Auger juicers have the most pulp, but come with screens to filter it out, they do greens the best. Probably the best idea to investigate for an all around juicer in this class is the Kuvings Whole Slow Jucer
3. Centrifugal juicers like in the ones used in the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead video are the fastest and easiest to use and clean. I have the same one they show in the video (a low end Breville) because of price and performance and also because it is easy to clean. Centrifugal juicers are not the most efficient, there is no pulp... but there is some foam. The Jack La Lane had very little foam, compared to the Breville. My biggest issue with the La Lane was that the model I had required me to unscrew 3 screws to clean under the blade every time.

If I had the funds, I would rather be at option #2 machine above, for my current needs. (2 to 3 juices a day)

There is a lot to learn and discover about juicing. Like many things there are cautions and best practices, but while he is home now, it's a great time to learn. Some fruits and veggies may not be suited for him, it may take trial and error to discover what things work and what doesn't. He doesn't need to lose weight, so his intake will probably need to be higher than someone wanting to lose weight for example. There is some work ahead in figuring out the juice and later full diet that will keep him in remission, but there are others with experience and support.

Here is another thread that has introductory and investigatory information about juicing for Crohn's

On the Juicing with Joe site, use an outside search engine to query ...
(example, copy and paste this into Crohn's

There is a ton of information about the helpful benefits of juicing and Crohn's. It may need sifted for garbage...
For someone such as myself, which would you recommend? I've often wondered, back when I was looking at juicers, what the benefit was over just eating the vegetables raw, such as carrots or the various peppers.

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For someone such as myself, which would you recommend? I've often wondered, back when I was looking at juicers, what the benefit was over just eating the vegetables raw, such as carrots or the various peppers.
Some of the the benefits of juice is the higher concentration of nutrients, and it's easier for the body to use, as well as the body using less energy to do it. You can simply get a lot more nutrition inside your limited body space using juice, than the bulk of the whole fruit or veggie would allow. And because it is easier to digest it gets used by the body. There is a need for fiber, yes, but juice does have soluble fiber, just not the insoluble fiber and bulk that pushes the food with it's nutrition through the system faster than it can be "absorbed".

Juicing involves some effort. Cleaning and washing the fruit and veggie, preparing them, and cleaning the kitchen counters and floor and machine and tools afterwards. So in my opinion, the easiest to use tools, will be most likely to be used. A big mouth juicer takes far less prep work with less cutting items to fit inside the juicer. Studies have shown that juice through a centrifugal ejection juicer breaks down quicker (doesn't store very long) and produces a miniscule amount of fewer nutrients compared to the auger juicers.
Some things like wheat grass, can't be juiced at all in a centrifugal (fast spinning basket) juicer, but hard veggies like carrots are processed really fast in them.

We tried several different juicer brands and types from a store that allowed returns, and gave frequent 20% discounts in the mail. :) Some juicers make nut butters and can be used to process nut and other oils, but for a simple easy to use and clean juicer, the Breville centrifugal is what we have now, but the juice was a bit better from the La Lane which was harder to clean. (cleaning up is my weakness) So if I had to recommend a juicer to someone else, that is a hard thing to do, and if you have a store that stocks lots of juicers that will accept returns, then try a few and see what works best for the way you do things.
I hate shopping so do most of that via the wonderful Internet.:) I'll look around at the auger and Breville. Thanks for the tips.

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The Kuvings link I posted will show you the difference in juice between a Breville type machine and the auger type (vertical auger in this case), at 45 seconds into the video.

A youtube search for Juicers will give you lots of reviews too. I hate to shop myself, but this was one thing that I couldn't make up my mind about (after I was feeling better), and just had to end up at a local store so I could try them.