My question is I use Logos since Wordsearch got bought up but am interested in thoughts on this program for possible purchase thank you


Thomas 63640

I would like to hear users ideas of why use this program I saw it only yesterday and am interested in it. I do have a large number of books from Wordsearch moved over or being moved over to Logos which I purchased the Platinum addition as replacement but I'm very interested in this one and just want others who use the program to throw their 2 cents in here so I can get a better feel for the program from its users.
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I can get a better feel for the program from its users.
Swordsearcher is the best Bible program in my opinion. It's easy to use and fast. I have used it for many years and have tried a lot of other programs. It has all the features I need for Bible study. Brandon is very responsive to user input but doesn't compromise his design principles.

You will not be able to easily convert resources from Wordsearch or Logos. One the other hand you can create your own Bibles, commentaries, books, etc from text or HTML.

One of my favorite features is synchronized verse level audio while the Bible scrolls. I can read the text, listen, take notes, and highlight verses with our without pausing.

You should watch some of the videos at this link -


Ken Sturgeon

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The beauty of SS is that you actually own what you buy and there are a lot of free modules. This is unlike other bible software where you basically just pay for the ability to install various books/commentaries and hope they'll be there for you in the future if you need to reinstall. PLUS... you won't find better bible study software ANYWHERE!!

Thomas 63640

Well I appreciate the info from the users and from the software creator as well I will give the trail a run later this week but will end up buying into the program largely based on price at the $60.00 I surely can loose :cool: