My question is I use Logos since Wordsearch got bought up but am interested in thoughts on this program for possible purchase thank you



Good thread to get ideas from experienced users of Bible study software options. My preference for the computer is SwordSearcher for the past 15 years with a few missionary packages to distribute to others. The main reason is to reduce the fluff and increase the quality of the end product - understanding the Bible and teaching it to others. Ephesians 5:16 (KJVSL) Redeeming ἐξαγοράζω the time καιρός, because ὅτι the days ἡμέρα are εἰσί evil πονηρός. Soon I will teach these tools at church in a Sunday School or after Sunday church service activity. The Geneva Bible (GB) and Spanish Reina Valera (RVG) are very helpful too, even the Young's Literal Translation (YLT) at times, but more and more - the KJV as the best version, not perfect, but best.

However, I wish a mobile edition would be available. The phone app for Blue Letter Bible is my go-to for phone applications. The only thing to be aware of is the weak Calvary Chapel doctrine of tongues and gifts, which is counterweighed by many sound doctrine factors, and other options. The last tool I use on occasion is Bible Hub, only for comparing versions of the Bible for history, and the differences of the Antioch and Alexandrian families of manuscripts.

The 3rd and last personal study option mentioned above is the longevity of any program. I created the MS-Word hyperlinked Rightly Dividing (RD) Bible where I continually update and print a fresh edition every few years. I see each of the 66 books as a treasure Job 38:22 (KJV) Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail,


Yeah I tell people about Sword Searcher but sometimes it feels like it falls in deaf ears or something. One guy say it was too much money, but I know he had the money to buy it. If you are on a budget get PowerBible CD. That program is good too, but it doesn't have as many features as Sword Searcher. By the way, how much is Logos? Isn't it like $500 dollars or something.

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Το swordsearcher είναι το νούμερο ένα και το μόνο νούμερο ένα.

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The beauty of SS is that you actually own what you buy and there are a lot of free modules. This is unlike other bible software where you basically just pay for the ability to install various books/commentaries and hope they'll be there for you in the future if you need to reinstall. PLUS... you won't find better bible study software ANYWHERE!!
Perfect example of this is the Libronix Digital Library System that I used for several years but Libronix Corp. stopped supporting and you had to move over to LOGOS. My question there, is why didn't LOGOS continue supporting the Libronix Digital Library System rather than make the customer purchase a different system. That put a bad taste in my mouth for LOGOS. I did try their system but found it not to be as good as the Libronix Digital Library System was. I worked around it and I am continuing to use the Libronix Digital Library System even with the Windows 11 where as LOGOS told me you could not use it with any system above XP. SwordSearcher however is a great software and gets the job done.