Narrowing and clarifying the scope of the User Forums

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Brandon Staggs

Staff member
After a good deal of consideration, I have made the decision to narrow the scope of the forums so that they are devoted exclusively to SwordSearcher support and discussion. In order to continue providing a high standard of customer support and to devote more time to developing SwordSearcher, the off-topic areas of the forum are being closed.

The SwordSearcher user forums have always had clearly defined topic areas. All this change means is that the area that was originally set up for non-SwordSearcher discussion is being closed. As before, users are asked to use care to choose an appropriate area of the board for their posts.

The SwordSearcher User Forums are here for developer-to-user and user-to-user support and discussion about SwordSearcher. Discussions will naturally flow to ancillary topics, but once conversations turn to doctrinal or political debates, other unrelated topics, or extended discussions about other software and other companies, they should be taken to private conversations or a more appropriate venue.

Thank you very much for your support, and your understanding, as I endeavor to be a good steward of my work hours, and as I continue to focus on developing great Bible study software. I have been blessed greatly to be able to develop Bible software for my entire adult life, and I look forward to doing so for many more years.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send me a private message.
Not open for further replies.