National DNA Database


Beta Tester
Uh, I think we should all be considered about the loss of privacy...

Puts me in mind of the GPS units installed into every car these days...yeah, sure, it'll help you find it if it's stolen, but it will also make you easily trackable.

I know, I know: You have nothing to hide, so why worry?

Welp, we're putting people in torture cells without a charge and detaining them for months. Um, this includes some Americans, folks.

I can see a future where you're tracked and jailed for a "hate crime" because someone heard you say something "offensive" about an alternative lifestyle - perhaps even going so far as to quote scripture.

Sounds farfetched? Well, 60 years ago we hung Nazis for some of the same things we are doing now.

Times change, don't they?!?

Anyway, I guess there will be an underground "removal service" syndicate that will de-chip us for a price ;-)

Sorry for the gloom... I just read about the sailor on a top secret nuclear sub that pleading guilty for spying on the US, but they won't name the country that received the stolen secrects.

That about narrows it down - to one country.

Oh well, there's still nowhere I'd rather live in the world than the USA - may she not go the way of the other 2 great historical democracies.